Clean Technologies and Energy

Our attorneys regularly work with companies and investors in a variety of clean tech industry sectors, including

  • Solar electricity products and systems
  • Battery and energy systems and technologies
  • Smart Grid software, hardware and cloud-based services
  • Water conservation and management technologies
  • Software and sensors

Digital Media, Gaming and Augmented Reality

Our attorneys work every day advising companies and investors with respect to the myriad of issues that arise with new and innovative distribution models for digital content, including for smart device and augmented reality applications. We draft and negotiate agreements for the digital distribution of content with major film studios, record companies, television networks, sports leagues, and performing rights societies. We proactively advise companies with digital content distribution business models with respect to the collection and distribution of user generated content, copyright issues, fair use doctrine, and the use of the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We regularly advise clients on the legal compliance issues related to agreements with the users of online content, including terms of use, privacy policies and contests, games of skill and sweepstakes. The Paradigm team has deep business and legal experience with respect to all types of agreements for the monetization of digital content and gaming, including distribution and advertising agreements.


Software and Open Source Software

All of the Paradigm attorneys have experience working with software companies and most have worked on transactions involving the use of open source software. We regularly advise clients that are in different areas of the distribution chain from end user customers, enterprise customers, distributors, resellers, value added resellers, and licensors. Paradigm attorneys have drafted and negotiated all types of agreements to commercialize software from end user license agreements and SaaS services agreements to complex OEM distribution models. Our experience with open source software includes the drafting and implementation of policies for the use of open source software, advice on starting open source projects and contributing open source code, review and advice on all of the commonly used open source licenses including analysis of architecture to ensure compliance with license terms, source code audits and compliance remediation. Our clients include companies that have open source or dual license models as well as companies whose products are based on proprietary code who seek guidance on the protection of their code base.



The Paradigm team has a deep understanding of the semiconductor industry that enables us to effectively counsel semiconductor clients.  From major private equity financings and M&A transactions to all types of commercial agreements, such as foundry agreements, core licenses, complex patent cross-licenses, distribution agreements, sales representative agreements, software licenses, and joint development agreements, we leverage our industry knowledge and legal experience to effectively serve our client’s needs.


Consumer Goods and Retail

Our attorneys have experience representing consumer products companies and retailers, including assisting with the financing, sale and purchase of assets, agreements relating to the development and distribution of products, consignment agreements, trademark licensing, contests and promotions and data privacy and security legal compliance.


Social Media, Mobile and SaaS

With the emergence of cloud services (SaaS) and the integration of social media and mobile applications into products and services, Paradigm attorneys regularly advise clients on the complexity of legal issues that arise from the intersections of these new technologies and trends. We have created the forms used by clients with their customers for the provision of services and products and the privacy policies that are required to ensure regulatory compliance for their activities.



Our attorneys have extensive experience representing all sectors of the hardware industry, from hard drive and network attached storage devices, storage area networking equipment, medical devices, optical components and peripherals to drones, batteries, driverless cars and cleantech devices such as solar arrays. We understand the technology and the business issues common to the hardware sector. Our team regularly drafts and negotiates contract manufacturing agreements, supply agreements, software licenses, joint development agreements, VAR and OEM agreements, distribution agreements, and sales rep agreements.